NRA Conventional Small Bore

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Small Bore competition uses .22 rifles and various shooting positions to test skill within a timed course of fire. The NRA has several classifications for Small Bore Divisions including: Senior, Junior and Civilian.



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The rifle authorized for use is the .22 caliber rim fire chambered for cartridges commercially cataloged as the .22 Short, .22 Long, or .22 Long Rifle cartridges. There are no restrictions on the barrel length or overall weight of the rifle and accessories. No portion of the rifle or any attachment to the rifle shall extend more than 3 inches beyond the rear of the shooter’s shoulder. The trigger pull must be capable of lifting 3 pounds. The same rifle must be used throughout all stages of any one match (except aggregate) except in the case of a malfunction or disabled rifle, when the competitor may change rifles with permission of the Chief Range Officer.

A rifle must be equipped with an effective trigger guard. Lack of a trigger guard constitutes an unsafe rifle.


While positions allowed may vary depending on the type of match setup, small bore matches are generally shot from: prone, kneeling, sitting or standing. Slings may be used.

course of fire

In 50 yard, 50 meter, 100 yard matches it is customary to change targets after each 20 shots. The Time Limit shall be the same for the first and second 20 shots, even though it is at the same distance. (See Rule 8.2 for time allowances.)

The customary number of shots on record bulls at each distance areas follows: 50 feet, 1 shot; 50 yards/meters, 5 shots; 100 yards and beyond, 10 shots per bull.

Time is not checked on each shot. The time allowance is computed for a complete stage on the basis of the specified number of shots multiplied by the allowances per shot. Time allowed, but not used, does not carry over to another string or stage.

For more details, please refer to the NRA Rule Book